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Over 11 Million Hits on Youtube
What happens when seasoned performers Kevin Brooking and Colm O’Grady create a show after 2 years of improvising with 100’s of frying pans and a grain of popcorn? The result is “Naked Lunch”.

The cabaret number which is the finale from their longer 40 minute street show has caused an international sensation with over 11 million hits on Youtube.

They’ve played on TV in Belgium, France, the UK, Germany and also in Japan several times.

The cabaret extract has been featured in two French films- Le Grand Partage directed by Alexandra Leclère.

They are currently preparing to hit America. Watch out Donald Trumpet!

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Cabaret Number needs light and sound. It can work on any stage.

Naked Lunch is available for Street Festivals, Cabarets, and Theatres. It is 35 minutes long. Needs a quiet wind free space for outdoors and a minimum 5 x 5 meters of stage area.


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