Colm O’Grady

Colm O’Grady was born in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. He’s been professionally creating circus theatre shows for over 20 years, touring 30 countries with theatre companies, circus troupes, cabarets, with numerous duos, as a solo circus performer and clown.

Colm studied for 2 years with Philippe Gaulier at l’Ecole Philippe Gaulier. He has followed a series of master classes over a 6 year period with movement and theatre maestro Monika Panyeaux culminating in her book ‘Inside, Outside’.

Since 2011 he has studied the clown pedagogy of master teacher Michel Dallaire at Hangar du Mines biannually, which he continues to follow.

After a world tour in 2017, which brought him to many different countries and continents, Colm is currently playing with Palazzo (Hamburg, Germany) as one of the main protagonists for their production Glücksjäger directed by Maximilian Rambaek for the forth winter season running in one of their beautiful Spiegel Tents. 

Among other projects Summer 2018 he will be touring festivals in Europe with his 3 solo street theatre shows- Hot Potato, Yodel and Cirque de Sally.

Colm is one half of the renowned duo Naked Lunch with Kevin Brooking, an Ouch and Zirk co-production ( with collectively over 30 million hits on Youtube. This coming year will be their 10th year collaborating and touring the world and having crazy adventures together.

O’Grady’s latest work as a director is with Tumble CircusStarman’, he is also an Artistic Consultant for Palazzo in Germany.

 O’Grady is a co-founded Clowns Without Borders Ireland in 2007, where he is in the role of director. (


Photo: Benard Boccara



Glücksjäger                 Palazzo (Germany/Austria)    Max Rambaek

Scandalo                   Ohlala (Switzerland)             Cal McCrystal

Hot Potato                Ouch                                 Colm O’Grady

Naked Lunch               Ouch-Zirk Co-production       Brooking/ O’Grady

Cirque de Sally         Ouch Entertainment             Louis Spagna

Shake Shake Shake   Pakipaya (Belgium)              Jean-Pierre Pagali

Delicious O’Grady     Ouch Entertainment             Cal McCrystal

Yodel                        Ouch Entertainment             Colm O’Grady

Crazy Love                Circus Price (Spain)             Antonio de Mesa

Circus                         Barabbas the Co.                        Raymond Keane

Lunar Circus                Lunar Circus (Australia)        Matt Yates

The Tiny Top               The Tiny Top (Australia)       Tony Rooke

Camel Show              Ouch Entertainment             Colm O’Grady

Quality Furniture      Quality Furniture                 Fanning/ O’Grady

The Great Innuendo  Ouch Entertainment             Colm O’Grady

Other Brothers          Eile and Ouch Co-prod          Eile/ O’Grady

Tumble Circus          Tumble Circus                     Ken Fanning

The Grandmother      Monkeyshine Theatre           Pennefeather/O’Grady

A Red Day                 Ishka Theatre Co.                Elaine Bastible

Home of the Brave   Tremendom Theatre (UK)     Alexis Kahn



Ecole Philippe Gaulier           2 Years                      London

Dublin School of Acting         2 Years (Part time)      Ireland



Michel Dallaire 2011-2018 Biannually

Monika Pagneaux (6 Years)

Pierre Biland, Jos Houben, Angela D’Castro, Micheline Vanderpole, Kevin Brooking, Francy Begasse


La Clique, The Gaiety Grand, Tassel Club, No Fit State, Crazyhorse- Paris


Mystic Knights     Stuntman   Saban Entertainment   Bob Hughes

Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde, France

Signe Talosh- Belgium

Supertalent- Germany

Rire sur la Ville -Belgium

Fuji-TV- Japan

Night at the Palladium -ITV-UK

Americas Got Talent- USA

Iumour Romania

International Festival of Comedy- Columbia



Clown, Acrobatic Bicycle, Slapstick, Juggling and Object Manipulation, Giraffe Unicycle, Ariel


Musical Saw, Musical Horns, Bells, Clarinet, Ukulele, Singing