This is a ridiculous act. It can be separated into two stand alone acts (3 mins and 5-6 mins) or taken as a complete 10 minute act.

Part 1 (3-4 mins) consists of playing a song on bicycle horns while riding completely blindfolded, usually the ‘Can Can’ but can be changed depending on the show. It’s a good eccentric interlude for circus or cabaret and a nice intro to the character or a MC.

Part 2 is a ludicrous striptease using the bicycle to remove the cloths. This hilarious number can be performed with or without an audience member or a nice surprise with a plant from the cast.

Tech Info.

10 metre by 10 metre stage.

8 metres by 8 metres is the minimum playing area.

No cables or wires across playing space.

No hills or slopes on stage please.