A Circus Musical

The Lonesome Boatman follows the incredible adventures of Buttons; a man who gets into his bath and sails away on the rising tides.
Upon this amazing voyage, Buttons battles with the sea, the elements and his ego (which is a kind of monster).

A live music circus extravaganza with object manipulation and juggling, aerial dance and trapeze, which explore and support TLB’s unique narrative and poetic universe further.

The Lonesome Boatman is a playful story bubbling with circus, comedy, surprises and rubber ducks!

Supported by the Irish Arts Council

Coming Soon!

Cabaret UNO

FRAGILE – a short film

A cheerful postman endeavours to deliver an ever increasing workload when a terrifying encounter with a pigeon starts a chain reaction with life altering consequences.

Filmed in Black & White, Fragile is inspired by the heroes of the silent movie era. It engages with levity themes that are as relevant today as in yesteryear.

Written and Directed by Colm O’Grady

Commissioned by The National Circus Festival of Ireland

Solo Number
Solo Show


I have been in the role of Director, Artistic Director, Comedy Director and Creative Consultant for theatre and circus companies big and small all over the world.
In October 2023 I will be Co-Directing a new show for Palazzo in Berlin.
Also worked as a director for Tumble Circus (UK), Odile Pilson Company (BEL), Cork Circus (IRE), O Quel Dommage (BEL) to name but a few.

Teaching and Facilitating

Having the fortune to have studied with many truly brilliant masters I have taught in places such as Espace Catastrophe (Belgium), Belfast Community Circus (Northern Ireland), Volcano Circus (Hawaii), the National Circus Festival of Ireland and with CSYT Sligo (Ireland) among many more.

Also projects teaching theatre, clown and circus to people with special needs. CREAHAM (Belgium), St.Micheals House (Ireland)

I am currently teaching at Declic Circus, France.

Host & MC

A Host, Presenter, MC, Ringmaster with energy, comic interludes and just the right amount of crazy. Keeping the proceedings funny and smooth.

Easily creating a complicity with any audience, engaging the public with natural wit, play and charm.

Have been in this role in a variety of shows for over 20 years, most recent highlights with Pink Rabbit in Zurich, Switzerland and for 5 years with Palazzo, Germany.

  • Eccentric Music

  • Clown

  • Circus Theatre