Nothing on Earth can hold the Great Innuendo a prisoner (except his mother).

The Great Innuendo is a cheeky high energy burlesque comedy routine.

A tongue in cheek Houdini-esque piece, transforming from the classic vaudeville era into an explosive rock and roll ending were our hero ‘The Great Innuendo’ aided and abused by his beautiful assistant unveils his true identity- A 6ft man in a kinky pair of French knickers, fish net tights and a fetching Brassiere.

Spectacular Finale extra:

This number can also be performed suspended upside down 4-6 metres off the ground over a bed of nails to build the tension and awe.

The tension mounts as the music crescendos, Innuendo is lowered head first toward the gleaming 6 Inch nails…. can he get out of his steely restraints in time?

Of course!

He’s not called ‘Great’ for nothing.

Tech Info :

Cabaret/Dinner Theatre Number

Indoor Stage/Circus Tent

Strobe Light Escape (Can supply own lights- will need notice)

Can train in assistant from existing cast members or bring own assistant.

For Suspended Escape:

Rigging for pulley system or electric winch.

Height 4-6m


Poster: Bohoe
Postcard: Monkeybiter